What Disabled People Need to Know


  • The Social Security Administration is a government agency that seeks to deny your disability case.
  • You are required to prove your disability according to the government's rules and regulations to win your benefits.
  • There are hundreds of attorneys and non-attorney disability representatives in California. Only around 5 of them will do anything helpful to prove to Social Security that you are disabled.
  • Jared Walker is an accomplished litigator, proven expert in Social Security disability law, and an attorney you can count on to help win your case.
  • Other Social Security law firms will delegate your case to inexperienced, poorly trained staff.  Every client at Walker Disability is personally represented by Jared Walker.
  • Other Social Security law firms are not capable of pursuing your case to federal court if necessary to win. Jared Walker has successfully litigated against the Social Security Administration in U.S. district courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for numerous clients who were wrongfully denied disability benefits.